Tri Power X33 KE Series

x33-ke-series-3-phase-ups-alpha outback energy

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Product Highlights

  • Output Power Factor 0,9
  • High Input Power Factor < 0,99
  • High Online Mode Efficiency up to 98 %
  • THDI < 3 % for a minimized grid impact
  • Colorful, user friendly touch screen
  • 26 to 40 batteries per string, configurable
  • Cold start function included
  • Optional: SNMP, RS485, Modbus, temp. sensor
  • Settings easily downloadable on SD-Card
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the vertical boards
  • Parallelable up to 6 units, in power or redundancy mode, LCD adjustable

The Tri Power X33 KE series from 10 kVA to 20 kVA is ideal for protecting data centres and telecommunications systems, IT networks and critical systems in general, where the risks connected with poor energy supply can ompromise the continuity of activities and services. Thanks to its reduced footprint Tri Power X33 KE is the optimum choice when the available space is limited. Moreover, the included features meet the needs of the majority of IT installations with a very positive value-for-money result.