What we do at Alpha and Outback Energy?

Uninterruptible power supply for networks, systems and equipment

Alpha and Outback Energy

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Whether for telecommunications or Cable TV, hospital or traffic control center, manufacturing or data center: Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) secures data and processes, protects infrastructures, ensures order, avoids costs and existentially threatening situations and even sometimes saves lives. All this is what Alpha and Outback Energy has made a name for itself as a specialist in power supply and conversion systems. We accompany network operators, integrators, retailers and distributors. We do the work for you, realize complete UPS concepts from the first idea, design and installation to maintenance and repair of the complete solution. Whether broadband, DC, UPS systems or conversion and storage solutions for renewable energies. We can do it thanks to the many years of experience of our engineers, technicians, sales people and fitters. True specialists. What makes us stand out in EMEA? Our in-depth know-how in implementing UPS solutions with components from world market leader Alpha. We are very familiar with indoor and outdoor requirements. And really extreme conditions are real challenges for us.

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You won't find experience and foresight in a catalog

Plan and size correctly today, be ready for tomorrow. Alpha and Outback Energy shows you exactly how to design the uninterruptible power supply for your environment with an eye to the future.


Our claim: Independence

Our UPS solutions cover different security levels and applications.

We offer independence from the public power supply and its restrictions and thus maximum possible security. Therefore, we ourselves are also independent and only committed to our owners and our 40 years of experience. We have deliberately chosen to include various equipment and component manufacturers from all over the world in our program. One of them: the world market leader for UPS systems Alpha. However, we develop and produce many components of our systems ourselves.

Broad-based team of experts

We are engineers, technicians, sales experts – experts in uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Team spirit is at the top of our agenda. Our employees enjoy a great working atmosphere and that generally transfers to our customers as well. With a lot of commitment, competence and often with our sleeves rolled up, we move our UPS projects forward together. Our customers appreciate the commitment, enthusiasm and know-how of our international development and service teams, which we manage from our headquarter in Germany.

Close to the customer

From solution design and battery sizing to commissioning and maintenance: We accompany you worldwide.

Alpha and Outback Energy’s headquarter is located in Schwabach, Franconia, Germany. Via widely distributed service and sales bases, we are close and fast to our international customers: in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our perfectly trained UPS specialists take care of you in all areas. Always until you are satisfied.


Are you a grid operator, integrator, retailer or distributor?

Looking for continuous power solutions to ensure power-dependent critical processes and applications?
Alpha and Outback Energy is your strong UPS partner.

Who is Alpha and Outback Energy?

We are an independent, owner-managed company. Our headquarter is in Schwabach, Franconia. We have long had international service and sales bases operating around the world.

  • Our company purpose:
    The constant and secure power availability and safe operation of critical systems, plants and applications.
  • This is what sets us apart:
    Individually developed UPS systems according to customer specifications
  • Customized offer:
    Total powering solutions from design to commissioning, service and maintenance
  • Our portfolio:
    Use of technologically innovative components and systems from well-known manufacturers and from our own production: broadband, DC and UPS power supply, solar systems, battery chargers, rectifier systems.
  • For these areas we work:
    Data and broadband networks, emergency or security systems, telecommunications, cable TV, medical, power supply, industrial production environments, renewable energies with Off-Grid and grid hybrid.

Safety for machines, plants and processes Power Solutions from Alpha and Outback Energy