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Alpha and Outback Energy is always your first address when seeking for extremely reliable, efficient and mission critical equipment, processes and facilities. For Broadband networks, datacenters, emergency and security systems, Telecommunication systems, Cable TV networks, medical equipment or utilities (energy supply) we plan and design your solutions with our highly advanced products and components. We are the leading manufacturer in EMEA with our well known Alpha products of uninterruptable power supplies, batteries, systems and cabinets and also with our OUTBACK Power products for offgrid and grid hybrid with various storage options.


Broadband Powering (CATV) | DC Solutions | UPS Systems | Renewable Energy / Storage


Alpha and Outback Energy

“Reliable Power Solutions - yes we can!”

You are an operator, integrator, distributor or retailer? Looking for continuous power supply solutions to secure power-dependent critical processes and applications? Then Alpha and Outback Energy is your partner!

Alpha Systems

Our specialty

Alpha products for uninterruptible power supplies are world leaders – for indoor as well as outdoor use, and they score particularly well when used in extreme conditions. We install Alpha components in broadband / cable TV, DC and UPS systems. Why? Because they are technically state-of-the-art, future proof tried and tested, extremely robust and very durable. When it comes to quality and flexibility, we are second to none!

Customized UPS solutions

From a single source…!

A solution simply out of the catalog? Not with us. If you want, we design your system according to your needs. Complete systems from component selection to the perfectly designed battery. Training and commissioning included on request. We are technicians, engineers, professionals in electrical engineering for power in critical environments and applications. And always close to you – worldwide.

Your goal

our incentive

Our years of expertise in developing solutions at the highest quality level ensure a highly reliable power supply even for harsh environmental conditions. Securing processes, ensuring business continuity and protecting investments – that is our incentive and drive.

Complete packages

versatile and scalable

Whether UPS power supply, DC power supply, batteries and management systems or solar power solutions – Alpha and Outback Energy develops scalable, secure solutions for the most diverse areas and industries. The great thing is: they impress everybody with their intelligence, reliability and longevity and are low-maintenance.

Power supply exactly for the purpose

Power solutions from Alpha and Outback Energy are always designed for highest reliability, efficiency and maximizing energy performance. We are a one-stop shop for everything from solution design to implementation upon request. Whether standby or non-standby operation, indoor or outdoor, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is what we do best, including surge protection, enclosures, batteries and communication gateways.


Broadband Power Systems

Hub for broadband networks including 5G. Multi-talents for uninterruptible and secure power supply with alternating (AC) or direct current (DC) for telco, fiber optics, cable TV & Co.

DC Power Supplies

Store, convert and distribute DC power: highly reliable rectifiers, chargers, inverters and DC power supply systems for industrial and telecommunications applications.

UPS Systems

Optimal and first-class UPS power supplies with battery storage. UPS systems up to 800 KVA, 1-phase and 3-phase UPS current conversion for all power classes in industrial and IT systems and applications.


Renewable Energies

Whether fed into the grid, grid hybrid or as an Offgrid solution: we offer complete solutions for the uninterrupted use of wind and solar power: energy management, voltage conversion, grid feed-in and power storage included. Modular, robust, modern.

Close to customers worldwide

Our headquarter is in Germany, in the Franconian town of Schwabach. We have a global presence through sales and service and support partners.

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is an issue all over the world. Whether to back up critical applications, to ensure a continuous flow of electricity in the event of regional fluctuations or to establish a power supply outside of grids. Our headquarter is in Germany. Through international sales and service partners, we serve our customers and prospects in the regions of Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America.


Analysis, consulting, planning

We undertake the complete design of your power supply to the highest standards and provide comprehensive project management by experienced electrical engineers and technicians.


Maximize reliability, safety and efficiency to ensure the continuous availability of your operations – we can take care of the installation and commissioning of your system on request.


How was what implemented? What needs to be done? What screws can you turn? Minimize downtime and risks. We train your employees with optimization in mind.


Extend the service life of your plant. Regular maintenance by experts helps to ensure continuous operation and detect age-related failures in good time.

Repair service

Do you need a spare part? Or do you need to repair a component or a complete system? No problem – we offer repair service on site if required.

Always near you

Our main location is in Germany but you benefit from our consulting and support service worldwide – we are close to our customers.

Power Solutions from Alpha and Outback Energy Safety for machines, plants and processes