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Broadband Power Systems

Alpha and Outback Energy develops comprehensive reliable solutions to secure state-of-the-art Cable TV, DSL, FTTH fiber and 5G networks – battery management included.

Alpha and Outback Energy’s broadband power systems are especially suited for outdoor use, withstanding wind, rain, ice and lightning. This is made possible by using extremely robust components and designs. For indoor use, we rely on special converter technology for uninterruptible AC or DC power supply. We pay particular attention to highly sensitive network locations. Also of interest to the industry are our solutions for stable 48VDC power supply in FFTX fiber optic applications.

DC-Power Supply

Generating, storing, converting and distributing DC power: Uninterruptible DC power supply, or DC power, is a requirement on which companies in the telecommunications and energy supply sectors in particular depend.

Critical applications whether in power generation, transmission or distribution or in branches of telecommunications require 100% reliable electrical power. These solutions often need to be designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and can be customized to meet individual requirements. Alpha and Outback Energy has the experience, proven track record and state-of-the-art components to secure telecommunications networks.




Whether for telecommunications and power environments, emergency, security or roadside information systems, medical equipment, IT or industrial processes. Highly sensitive systems need an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that is rated for what is needed in terms of power and protection capability.

Our UPS solutions are particularly suitable for protecting demanding and critical processes that do not allow any interruption of the power supply. One of our specialties is UPS systems for special environmental conditions. Standard UPS systems quickly reach their technical limits here. The challenge is great, whether particularly low or high temperatures, humidity, dust or mechanical stress.

Renewable Energies

Solar and wind energy are now important products when it comes to switching to renewable energy. For renewable electricity to be used effectively and economically, intelligent energy conversion and management is required.

Alpha and Outback Energy assists plant operators in developing the appropriate power management solution: the spectrum ranges from charge controllers and inverters or modern all-in-one systems to convert the generated direct current into alternating current with stable voltage and frequency for use in a wide variety of applications. But we also take care of the right feed-in technology if the system is not running in hybrid/island mode. And we provide support in designing and calculating the appropriate storage solution using the latest battery technology.


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