DC Power Supply

DC Power Supply

Continuous power and maximum energy efficiency for DC systems

DC power in production environments offers a major advantage: great potential in terms of energy efficiency. That’s why DC production environments are hugely on the rise. Whether it’s a new facility or a retrofit, Alpha Outback Energy can help you and your customers design and effectively use a DC power supply.

Alpha Outback Energy DC Power

Storing, converting, controlling and distributing DC power, we are especially involved with many customers and system integrators in the telecommunications and power supply industries. Whether conventional power or power from regenerative sources, what is usually always important is comprehensive DC power management with rectifiers, chargers and DC power supply units. For always stable voltage on every device.  Alpha Outback Energy’s DC power solutions are ideal for demanding environments and run in even the harshest conditions. This works by using especially robust components. Microprocessor-based control technology also ensures maximum availability.

DC rectifiers protect against different mains voltages and power consumption. They supply constant power and, if necessary, can also be used as a charger for all common battery technologies.

For monitoring and control DC power supply we use modular digital controllers. An understandable user interface for easy operation is recommended. Touch screen and remote query operation are standard.
DC/DC converters converted one DC voltage to another. This increases the flexibility of a DC system and guarantees safety for the connected loads.
As a link between direct current (DC) and alternating current systems (AC), inverters are of great practical use. This is because many energy consumers run on alternating current as standard. The inverter enables the mixing of different devices and systems.
Next Generation Power and reliable, field-proven option for remote power networks when AC power is not available or battery maintenance is uneconomical. Alpha and Outback Energy offers converters that use increased DC voltage to transmit power over long distances.
On request, we build every control cabinet according to the customer’s specifications – a perfect fit for the environment and the application. In addition, standard solutions are also available. This is perfection with system for maximum data quality, highest flexibility and maximum safety during assembly and operation.
Backup in case of power failure: whether maintenance-free lithium, AGM, Ni-Cd or gel battery for outdoor use with extreme temperatures and wetness or stationary installed lead-acid battery for high charge and discharge loads in critical IT and telecommunication environments or maintenance-free batteries for high cycle applications – we always have the right battery for your application.

Store, convert and distribute: safe and controlled DC power supply

Rectifiers, inverters, chargers and controllers from Alpha and Outback Energy ensure trouble-free power flow for industrial applications industrial production, mobile communications and telecommunications.

DC systems made by Alpha and Outback Energy.

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