Broadband Power Systems

Broadband Power Systems

Power supply and power conversion for Cable TV and 5G networks

Whether cable TV, DSL, FTTH fiber optic or 5G networks: without broadband, hardly anything works today. With solutions for uninterruptible power supply (UPS), telecommunications, power and cable TV providers protect their central networks.

Alpha Outback Energy Broadband

Critical infrastructures are subject to the highest availability and reliability requirements. Power interruptions in IT, electricity, communications and TV networks? A no-go. Alpha and Outback Energy takes care of the uninterruptible power supply of the most modern broadband environments, ensuring stability and runability: integrable solutions with components such as rectifiers, power distribution, controllers and batteries.

We secure next-generation networks

With Alpha Outback Energy by your side, you can unlock the full potential of broadband, TV cable or 5G networks. Total Power Solutions: continuous, reliable and uncompromising power supply for telecommunications, cable TV & Co.

Broadband Power Systems powerful implemented for your needs. Made by Alpha and Outback Energy.