UPS Systems

UPS Systems

Uninterruptible power supplies for technical equipment, information and telecommunication systems

Digital devices and many technical systems in everyday, production and business environments must be safe from power failure, poor voltage quality or frequency fluctuations. Continuous availability or orderly shutdown must be guaranteed. Alpha and Outback Energy offers the perfect complete solution.

Alpha Outback Energy UPS Power

We develop suitable UPS systems for a wide range of scenarios. Whether for telecommunications and power supply environments, emergency, security or road information systems, IT or industrial processes. We safeguard and take care of voltage fluctuations, voltage spikes, voltage surges, undervoltages, overvoltages and frequency fluctuations, simply everything that makes up a reliable supply of AC systems. As one of the leading companies in this segment, we provide you and your customers with versatile scalable systems for clean and safe power flow.

Stay online – stay safe

Technology 5.0 that can protect any power network and any power-dependent system. UPS Power Systems for data or broadband networks, emergency or security systems, telecommunications, cable TV, medical, power supply, IT and industrial processes.

UPS Power Systems powerful implemented for your ideas. Made by Alpha and Outback Energy.