Alpha FXM / FXM HP Series

Product Highlights

  • High operating & ambient temperature range – 40 °C to + 74 °C
  • Wide input voltage range and automatic voltage regulation (AVR) without switching to battery operation
  • Temperature compensated battery charge
  • Programmable charging current
  • Extensive accessories: batteries, heating mats, transfer switches, outdoor cabinets
  • RS232 communication interface, SNMP adapter for remote monitoring, dry contacts.
  • As stand-alone solution, 19“ rack mounting or complete customized solution

The FXM series is specially designed for outdoor operation in extreme environments with high temperature fluctuations from – 40 °C to + 74 °C. Our FXM is a universal UPS solution in the power range of 350, 650, 1100 and 2000 W / VA. Autonomy times from a few minutes to several hours are possible. The classic areas of application include traffic lights, traffic control and security systems, monitoring and lighting systems (runways, airfield lighting) as well as areas in the computer environment, telecommunications, industry where an uncompromising uninterruptible power supply is needed and / or recommended for extreme installation environments.