Tri Power X31/X33 SE/HE Series

Product Highlights

  • High efficiency up to 96.5 %
  • Output power factor 1.0 (SE) / 0.9 (HE)
  • Low Total Harmonic Distortion, THDi < 3 %
  • Small footprint
  • Multilingual graphic display
  • High Flexibility
  • Available up to 40 kVA with internal batteries

Tri Power X31/X33 SE/HE Series from 10 kVA to 200 kVA uses online double conversion (VFI) technology where the load is always powered by the inverter ensuring a filtered and stabilized sinusoidal voltage manufactured with the state of the art IGBT rectifier technology. Offering high efficiency values up to 96.5% even in part load situations saves money on electricity bills protecting at the same time our enviroment with less CO2 consumption. Light weight and small footprint allows easy, space saving and low cost installation. The output 1.0 (SE) and 0.9 (HE) power factor provides up to 15% more active power than a traditional UPS and more load expansion. Tri Power X31/X33 SE/HE Series UPS systems are ideal for the protection of critical information and telecommunications networks which can not run the risk of being powered from a poor quality electrical supply.