CXCi HP and CXCM1 HP in-shelf controllers

Product Highlights

  • Advanced next-generation control and monitoring platform for Alpha’s Cordex product family
  • Integrated USB host for local firmware upgrades, configuration updates and system backup/restoration
  • Seamless integration of multiple energy systems allowing comprehensive management, monitoring and control
  • Integrated OLED display with numerous features including local monitoring and configuration management

Cordex™ CXCM1 HP controllers bring advanced HP monitoring technology to the Cordex 1.2kW rectifier platform while the CXCi HP to the Cordex 250, 400 and 650W systems. The compact controller is an option and includes the complete CXC HP feature set  and hardware performance.

The modular CXCM1 HP controller includes a local USB port for local upgrades of software as well as full backup and restore capabilities. The local OLED display also provides new features to the platform such as IPv4/IPv6 address viewing and the ability to display system signals for all energy systems connected to the controller.

The CXCM1 HP and CXCi HP provide the same features as the CXC HP controller as well as the same common GUI web interface.  The CXC HP controller family offers many advanced features such as: customizable data logs and performance monitoring, advanced equation editing for fault management and automation, management of multiple energy systems, and many others.

The CXCM1 HP and CXCi HP I/O feature set can be easily expanded with the addition CXC HP ADIO series peripherals to accommodate future needs as well as support site monitoring applications. CXC HP platforms ensure effortless operation and management to satisfy  the most demanding energy system applications.


Available in the following configurations:

  • CXCM1 HP for 1.2kW – Part number: 0180054-002
  • CXCi HP for 250, 400 and 650W – Part number: 0180056-001