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Product Highlights

  • Remote powering module providing up to 150W output at 48VDC to power remote nodes
  • Designed for installation in underground vaults, poles, walls and strand mount
  • Wide operating temperature range for deployment in harsh OSP environments
  • High reliability IP68 sealed and ruggedized design for a long life cycle
  • Built-in holdup to ensure that the remote equipment rides through line surges

The LPR48-150-IP68 is a compact, sealed, standalone, line powered down-converter unit designed for remote site powering applications using ±190VDC (RFT-V circuit) over twisted copper pairs. The LPR48-150-IP68 contains two isolated down-converter circuits to convert the input from two (2) twisted copper pairs and provide up to 150W at 48VDC to remote telecommunication equipment.

Applications include powering mini-DSLAM’s (sealed DSLAM’s), Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU) in Fiber to the Home Networks (FTTH), Distribution Points (FTTdp) as well as outdoor small cells in wireless networks. The LPR48-150-IP68 is sealed to an IP68 rating and may be discreetly deployed virtually anywhere: telecom vaults, pedestals, aerial strands, walls, lamp posts, poles, sides of buildings, bus stops, etc.

Line powering enables use of the existing centralized power node backup; eliminating the need at the remote site for AC utility or battery backup. This reduces installation and operating expenses, and provides flexibility related to site selection for the installation of the remote communication equipment.

Power holdup capabilities are incorporated into the LPR48-150-IP68 to provide at least 150 milliseconds of backup for a 100W load. The holdup prevents potential lengthy customer communication outages due to delayed remote node resetting (caused by line surges), ensuring maximum network reliability.


Available in the following configurations:

  • Part number: 0370414-001