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Product Highlights

  • Provide 3 to 30 seconds of backup power (holdup) of 48VDC to remote loads such as xDSL and FTTx equipment to ensure maximum reliability
  • Supply up to 750W of continuous power output
  • Ensure load equipment can ride through brief converter resets
  • Reduce truck rolls and operating expenses with no batteries at remote site

The AlphaCap provides short duration backup power for 48VDC powered remote loads used in xDSL and FTTx equipment. Typical applications would be holding up remote equipment deployed using remote/line powering solutions, which are susceptible to brief outages (due to transients and GFI resets), as well as local powered remote systems deployed with battery eliminators (such as DC rectifier without battery backup). The AlphaCap uses an array of Ultra™ capacitors in conjunction with a DC-DC converter board. The system is paralleled on the 48VDC bus of the load similar to a battery.

The AlphaCap-665 provides continuous voltage output for a load up to 750W for a period of time.


Available in the following configurations:

  • Part number: 013-015-20