Bravo 10

bravo 10 48-230-eci range-modular-inverter-photo-alpha outback energy

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Product Highlights

  • DC In (Range): 48 VDC (40-60)
  • AC In/Out (Input Range): 230 VAC (150-265)
  • Output power @ 50°C: 1.25 kVA / 1.0 kW
  • Up to: 40 kVA
  • Efficiency AC/AC: 96%
  • Efficiency DC/AC: 92,5%
  • Operating temperature: from -20 to +65°C
  • Dimension: 1U x 87 mm x 319 mm

Bravo 10 more than an inverter.

Our patented technology provides additional AC input to supply loads directly from the grid. As a result, you benefit from a secure power supply with an overall conversion efficiency of up to 96%. Our solutions are designed for modularity, reliability, compactness and cost savings.

Perfectly reliable

Reach the highest reliability thanks to:

  • 0 ms transfer time (grid to battery);
  • Built-in Static Transfer Switch (no single point of failure);
  • Truly redundant (power & communication);
  • Configuration in parallel (no master/slave).

Very long close cooperation between Alpha and Outback Energy and CE+T allowing supervision of the inverter by the CXC HP controller.


Available in the following configurations:

  • Bravo 10 – Part number: T611730201
  • Bravo 10 – Part number (No AC In): T611730211