AlphaNet DM3.1

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Product Highlights

Alpha’s DOCSIS 3.1 Integrated Management Hub

  • XM3-HP uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems compatible: Add DOCSIS® 3.1 technology to existing XM3-HP Broadband UPS systems — supports standard SCTE-ANSI HMS MIBs for compatibility with network monitoring system
  • DOCSIS® Certified: CableLabs® DOCSIS 3.1 & 3.0 certified to ensure network compatibility
  • Multiple Diplexer Options: Software selectable frequency splits for each hardware model supports compatibility with current networks and future upgrades
  • Automatic RF Attenuation: Minimize manual RF padding for simplified installations
  • Extreme Environment Operation: Designed and tested for reliable operation in all outdoor environments

The DM3.1 transponder by Alpha® provides real-time insight into the health of your network.

Power is critical to every network active device. Knowing that reliable power will be available under any conditions is essential to network integrity. With the DM3.1 transponder installed in Alpha XM3-HPTM UPS systems; network operators receive real-time insight about network power. Advanced notifications of battery depleting utility outages provide time to act, keeping your network running through the most severe conditions.

DM3.1 transponder supports standard ANSI/SCTE alarms, data and integrates with ContinuityTM advanced monitoring software. A web user interface provides advanced diagnostics to analyze UPS performance, utility grid anomalies and RF spectrum performance. DM3.1 transponder incorporates advanced RF network test capabilities, including full spectrum capture tools, micro reflections and constellations. The 1Gb Ethernet interface enables data backhaul from equipment located near the power supply installation. Backhaul applications include 5G / CBRS radios, Wi-fi access points and surveillance cameras.

Alpha’s DM3.1 transponder has been tested to operational extremes and doesn’t just endure harsh operating conditions; it works well through them. In addition to CableLabs® certification, the DM3.1 transponder has successfully
completed over 1,500 hours of industry standard physical, environmental, interoperability and performance testing. Our firmware undergoes hundreds of hours of intensive qualification testing, resulting in meeting and exceeding power supply monitoring standards.