AlphaNet DM3.0

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Product Highlights

Alpha’s DOCSIS 3.0 Integrated Management Hub

  • XM3 and XM2 Power Supply Monitoring
  • Network Backhaul Gateway
  • Network Test Probe
  • Integrated Power Manager
  • Alpha Academy DM3.0 Training on request

Hardened Modems — Alpha’s Legacy


Building on Alpha’s legacy of leadership and innovation, the DM3.0 integrated management hub raises the bar for outside plant power management. By combining:

  • Advanced Power Supply Monitoring
  • Integrated Power Management
  • Network Test Probe Functionality
  • Network Backhaul Gateway Capability the AlphaNet DM3.0 represents the next-generation in broadband network visibility.


Alpha’s DM3.0 has been tested to operational extremes and doesn’t just endure harsh operating conditions, it works well through them. In addition to Cable Labs Certification, the DM3.0 has successfully completed over 1,500 hours of industrystandard physical, environmental, interoperability and performance testing. Our firmware undergoes hundreds of hours of intensive qualification testing, resulting in meeting and exceeding standards for power supply monitoring and gateway performance.