XM3V-HP Cable Broadband UPS

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Product Highlights

  • Wall Mountable XM3 Platform
  • Embedded battery balancing to maximize battery life and optimize performance
  • Available for 230VAC/50Hz (EMEA version)
  • Available for 8 and 18 Amp output current
  • Embedded AlphaApps to predict service intervals and battery replacements
  • Supports embedded AlphaGuard advanced battery balancing technology
  • Dynamic 5-stage battery charging technology
  • Highest line mode efficiency

Next-Generation Power Supply

From ground-breaking transformer design improvements to the integration of the most intuitive and user-friendly interface in the industry, the Alpha XM3V-HP CableUPS® incorporates significant technological advancements across the entire power platform and sets the new standard in intelligent power management.

The Alpha XM3V-HP triple efficiency ferro technology optimizes the power supply’s performance resulting in significantly reduced utility power consumption and a direct savings in network operating costs.