XM3.1-HP Cable Broadband UPS

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Product Highlights

  • Advanced ferro technology for maximum power efficiency under all modes of operation
  • Available for 230VAC/50Hz (EMEA version)
  • Available for 15 and 22 Amp output current
  • Integrated DOCSIS® 3.1 communications for intelligent power management, RF network diagnostics and high speed backhaul
  • Optical power supply status monitoring for fiber deep architectures
  • AlphaGuard embedded battery balancing maximizes battery life and optimizes performance
  • Dynamic 5-stage charger technology maximizes AlphaCell® battery life
  • Alpha Apps* Option provides intelligent diagnostics for remote battery maintenance and power train – advanced power monitoring and data logging.

The Alpha® XM3.1HP platform continues to incorporate the ground-breaking transformer design of our award winning XM3-HP power supply with significant technological advancements across the entire power technology platform.

These advancements focus on delivering DOCSIS® 3.1 status monitoring and data backhaul, SFP optical monitoring for new fiber deep architectures and AlphaApps+ for enhanced advanced battery and power supply performance metrics. The enhanced XM3.1-HP platform also continues to leverage remote firmware upgrades for the latest power supply features and enhancements. All of these advancements continue to focus on providing the industry maximum value centered around three primary benefits—improved efficiency, optimized performance and reduced operating costs.