Sierra 10

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Product Highlights

  • DC In (Range): 48 Vdc (40-60)
  • AC In/Out (Input Range): 230 Vac (150-265)
  • Output power @ 50°C: 1.25 kVA / 1.2 kW
  • Efficiency AC/AC: 96%
  • Efficiency DC/AC: 93%
  • Operating temperature: from -20 to +65°C
  • Dimension: 1U x 87 mm x 319 mm

Sierra 10: Multidirectional Converters

CE+T launched the world’s first fully bidirectional power converter. The three ports (AC/AC/DC or DC/DC/AC) built into each module can all function as input and output. This means that you can use it to secure AC and DC loads and charge batteries at the same time. These power converters also bring energy management applications up to a higher level.

At the heart of each module, there is a DC energy buffer. It uses the energy that comes, whatever its source, to feed what needs it. The total output power is dynamically shared between the loads and the batteries.

Energy applications

Our multidirectional power converters are also ideally suited for energy management applications, with backup needs, or not. With the energy transition we all see, it’s time to introduce new features such as:

  • Peak shavings (reducing the bill);
  • Increase self-consumption (with storage solutions);
  • Demand response (shifting the consumption over the time)
  • Pure power supply (no voltage drop, sag or surge). For loads up to 30 kW, use our Sierra solutions and for higher loads, up to 200 kW


Available in the following configurations:

  • Part number: T711730201