FLEXmax Micro 40

flexmax micro 30-40-charge controllers

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Product Highlights

  • Ultra-Thin Design with Natural Heat Dissipation
  • 4-Stage Charge with Advanced MPPT Output
  • Peak Conversion Efficiency of 97%
  • High Tracking Efficiency of 99%
  • Fast Sweeping Function of Entire I-V Curve
  • Extensive Electronics Protection
  • Diversified Load Control
  • Open Standard MODBUS Protocol
  • Optional Remote Meter Communications

The FLEXmax Micro Series of charge controllers incorporate maximum performance into a compact package.

Available in 40A model, the FLEXmax Micro offers advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology—which can increase charge efficiency by up to 30%—in a charge controller designed for smaller battery and load current applications.

The FLEXmax Micro Series offers peak conversion efficiency of up to 98% and high tracking efficiency of up to 99%. The die-cast aluminum chassis is designed to provide natural heat dissipation, increasing operating efficiency

The FLEXmax Micro works with Sealed, Gel, and Flooded batteries and incorporates a number of electronic protections including PV short circuit protection, PV current limiting protection, battery overcharge protection, battery reverse polarity protection and load short circuit protection.