SPC Series

Product Highlights

  • Ouput Power Factor 1
  • 1500, 4000, 6000, 7200 and 11000 Watts
  • Built-in MPPT Charge Controller
  • PV Array Open Curcuit Voltage up to 500VDC
  • Up to 11000W PV Array Power for the SPCIV
  • Detachable LCD control module with various communications. Can be turned to remote panel.
  • Integrated Bluetooth/WIFI for mobile monitoring (Android)
  • Lithium Compatibilty
  • Battery Independancy: Supply load from Grid or PV, even if battery is not available

Off-Grid Inverter/Charger with MPPT in Built SPC III

Feature rich all-in-one Solar Power Converter

Alpha & OutBack Energy’s SPC III is a brand-new off-grid All in One Solutions from 1,5 to 66 kW  with integrated MPPT with rich new functions i.e. detachable LCD control module which can be turned to a remote panel, integrated Bluetooth-WiFI interface for mobile monitoring, USB on-the-go function to facilitate data upload/download, battery independency design to operate without battery connected, GPRS module for remote monitoring

spc III-integrated systems-lcd panel-alpha outback energy
spc III-integrated systems-battery diagram-alpha outback energy