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230V Portable Plug&Play Energy Solution on the wheel

The SUNBOSS 5.5SK is a quick-to-deploy solar alternative to portable generators. It houses a 5kW Inverter and advanced 5.1kWh LifePO4 battery. The unit can accomodate up to 5kW of solar. Performance highlights include less than 20 millisecond transfer time and parallelable of inverters and batteries. The SUNBOSS 5.5SK features advanced Bluetooth controls that allow for easy programming and management for the user.


  • Sinewave AC Output with Lithium-ion battery bank
  • 5kW Output power
  • Energy Battery capacity 5.1 kWh
  • Dual input power sources, grid and solar power
  • Scheduled charging, charged by grid during off-peak hours
  • Charging source priority setting, solar or grid
  • Output source priority setting, solar, battery or grid
  • 100A built-in AC charger, 100A built-in DC solar charger
  • Anderson connector for a 5kW PV input power supply
  • 1 AC input
  • 4 AC outputs
  • Protective breakers and fuses built-in
  • Bluethoot + APP, remote control & monitor, WIFI optional


  • PORTABLE: Easy set-up and take-down.
    1 person moves using wheels and grips. 2-3 persons lift.
  • SAFE: Breakers protect all outputs, fuses protect all inputs and the system is pre-wired.
    The LFP battery is in a tidy compartment.
  • SUSTAINABLE: No need to refuel as with a diesel generator
  • POWERFUL: Power most 240V tools or appliances while simultaneously charging from solar